Can Artificial Intelligence Solve Poverty?

We Who Think it Can, Can Not do it Without You!

A lecture/brainstorm series for High-school & University students on the topic of A.I as it considers a modern approach to eradicating poverty, or at the least reducing the percentage gap between the poor & rich. We will go through case studies explaining concretely what A.I can do and what it can't, and what we as a human race must be willing to sacrifice before the solution of A.I can be achieved practically. We will provide different approaches, first being Machine Learning using neural networks, and then introduce/welcome you to the group of participants who have choosen 'yes' to subscribe to solve this issue with us.

Weekly topics are taken from Stuart Russell & Peter Norvig's Artificial Intelligence A Modern Approach. Each week, of the 10 week series of workshops, we explain how our Studio Academy's team of programmers/engineers apply the lesson(s) to the ongoing M.A.I.G.A project. The acronym M.A.I.G.A stands for My Artificial Intelligent Guardian Angel, a proposed positive agent of change towards the situation of poverty.

Your Instructor

Anton Gunaratnam
Anton Gunaratnam

Earning a degree specializing in Artificial Intelligence from the University of Toronto, 2007, Anton has managed to spend the last ten years growing professionally into fields that blend both the artistic & scientific disciplines together, learning the complementary skills the pseudo-science (A.I) demands of in it's application to Neural Networks for Machine Learning & Heuristic Search for Game Theory.

In addition to Tutoring University & High-school students Math & Computer Science/Python, Anton's most notable work as an online Game Developer at GANZ Interactive was programming Communal Contest, inspiring the idea that communal participation in problem solving via online activity/games could later be applied concretely to solving the problem of poverty. From this idea Anton Gunaratnam's Studio Academy was formed and continues to grows out of its research & development LAB B incubator location