Learn Storytelling, Cartooning in Film & Video Games, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

Youth Learn how to create free games, animation and short-films like our team of professionals did with My Guardian Angel! Teenagers meet/learn M.A.I.G.A, a positive agent of change created by our Engineering team with the aim to solve poverty

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"My most notable work as an online webkinz.com Game Developer at GANZ Interactive was programming Communal Contest, inspiring the idea that communal participation in problem solving via online activity/games could later be applied concretely to solving the problem of poverty. From this idea Anton Gunaratnam's Studio Academy was formed and continues to grow with My Guardian Angel"

- Anton Gunaratnam, Founder, My Studio Academy

Phone: (905) 790-0361 | Mobile: (647) 740-9565 | E-mail: a.gunaratnam@gmail.com

Cartooning, in Class is first of a series of exciting new courses we created just for you! Topics include introduction to acting, singing, writing, drawing, and every tool you need to teach Animation!